Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What’s a House and What’s a Home?

Last week, we purchased a stick-on wall banner from a dollar store that simply states “A House is Made of Walls & Beams, A Home is Built of Love & Dreams” and it made me think, that is something that means a lot to the clients. A home is a place to relax and you want to go see homes that are delicately furnished and plain but still have whimsy. Unless, you know, you like to live under a rock. Anyways, “A Home is Built of Love & Dreams” is a very good quote to live by.

When selling your home, you want others to feel the comfort and relaxation that you had in that home. These buyers are looking for a renewal in life, for a short daring adventure for a lovely home. Whether you’re selling a mansion or just a small piece of land, you should try to keep the property healthy and comfortable; a soft place to land.

If a house is empty, it’s just a house. It has no personality, no interest…it essentially has nothing going for it. But, you choose a professional such as myself who offers home staging services; we can get creative with your décor after moving out all of your important furniture. Don’t get rid of your old things that you’ve hidden away just yet! They’ll be useful in this project. People can get a better idea for size and for ability to arrange their furniture when you leave an old couch with a cover on it, a small table, and a fake bed made of an air mattress, setting milk crate under it, and an old bed sheet set. It’s true when they say a little goes a long way.

Some professionals say not to leave any personal pictures anywhere. It’s a very good suggestion, but instead of personal photos, find landscape photos, print them off the internet, and put them in the frames. In fact, take pictures of your area! That way, they’ll know what’s right around the corner, like parks or a cute boutique. And every time you buy a new frame, keep the production photo, just in case you sell again. Cards are okay to put out, too.

The difference between a house and a home, in my opinion, is a house can be bought; traded or sold. A home is a place where the welcome always feels warm. Memories completely trump an empty space but a buyer won’t know that unless you hint at the good times you’ve shared and the happy beginnings they will have in the home you once had.

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