Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rainy Days and Real Estate

We all know that a nice looking car can seem so much more appealing when water runs down the side of it and washes all the dirt off. Question is; how can rain benefit the real estate business? Houses that have siding instead of brick tend to look a lot cleaner in the rain. Make sure, however, to always clean the siding when selling your home. No one wants to move into a place that always looks dirty. Rainy days also hit a home with a certain natural light. Your home needs to look good in both the sun and in the rain.

If you’re interested in gardening, take advantage of that on the warmer, sunnier days! Small flowers and trees along with statues can make a house look so much more inviting. Rain gives gardens plenty of water which makes plant life look much livelier. As for statues, like cherubs and engraved pathway stones, they become cleaner and stand out more on a gloomy day. Just like today!

Not to mention, the interior must also look good in the rain. You want a feeling of softness and warmth, not an empty, harsh lighted head ache. Try getting a light dimmer or put some lamps in a few rooms to give more variety for a buyer to look at. On rainy days let the lamps be the winner, not the overhead fixture. This goes for both light and dark rooms. Darker rooms need a yellower light to tone it up but in a lighter room setting, they look good in anything, just make sure it looks inviting. The lighting inside should not overly clash with the sun outside, whether it’s rain or shine. Let the lights blend and the house might as well sell itself!

So, if you’ve got a couple of buyers coming in for showings or you’re out looking at homes, both you and them should be able to stop by a place that looks happy in the rain and enjoy your once gloomy day!

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