Monday, 24 September 2012

Take Charge

Have you ever had a person speak down to you, as if you were lesser? Has it ever been done to you by a real estate agent? Some agents may think that they know a lot more than others and can control how you sell your home or what you buy. If you won’t buy something that doesn’t look good on you from Le Chateau or H&M, then why should you buy a home that just doesn’t feel right?

I support the knowledge of the client. If you brush up on your real estate knowledge and current real estate sales, no real estate agent should get in your way. As a client, you are entitled to opinion, suggestions, or even changing your mind about buying or selling your home.

Unfortunately, there are adult bullies that think that their own opinion matters most.  You should never let someone push you around and force you into hastily making a very big decision. If there’s ever an issue will your agent, whether they’re lazy or just plain rude, you can always seek refuge with me. All you have to do is search for homes that you like and if they’re off the market or a bit out of price or commute range, I can give you some suggestions on other houses that fit your criteria. We can look for as long as you need to, there is never any rush and I am always just a phone call away. There will always be an answer.

Never let someone bully you into making big decisions way too fast. If you aren’t satisfied then don’t keep in touch with them. When buying a home, find a real estate agent that fits you and a home that will cater to all of your needs. And, if you ever want a place in the area, just let me know!



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