Friday, 21 September 2012

DIY: Budgeting

Yes, it’s the big word, budgeting. But don’t be afraid, it’s not all as hard as it seems. Follow a few simple rules and you’ll soon be leading a nearly debt-free life. In this blog, you’ll learn about getting ahead on payments, trimming the expenses fat, and how to manage a debt free life.

To begin, go digging for your financial records. Everything from A to Z, pull it out and go over it. Look for all the silly expenses like when you get small decorative items for no reason or maybe you bought an app for your on-the-go device(s). These are the expenses that you shouldn’t feel the need to pay for.

TIP: Don’t buy gas in the morning; it is always about $0.02 higher than what it is at night!

Now, sort them into these categories: Miscellaneous, Gas & Car, Food, Clothing, and Bills. You can add more if you’d like to sort, for example, debit and Visa, or who’s Visa was used for which. Seems like a lot, right? So top making it a lot! Start thinking about what you really need and separate that from what you THINK you need/want. Take responsibility for what you’ve spent on and don’t spend ridiculously after you start up you financing plan.

And that’s what you’re going to do next. Start a plan. Give yourself so much money for certain things. Quit spending your money on chips and chocolate bars when you go to the grocery store. Only pay for what you truly need. And, if you think you “need” over 20 pairs of $100 priced shoes, you may need more help than I can offer. However, if you worked out your budget, you can eventually start buying fancy things like shoes or a certain colour of body paint for the old mustang sitting in the garage – and yes, that’s for all you over spending men out there.

A small spending splurge isn’t going to kill your wallet; it will actually make you work harder in your Financial Success Plan. Now, this plan that I keep talking about, it has to be a visual, physical, in-a-folder plan. Don’t just say you have a plan and not have one to read from. Having a plan will help you better to outline what you have left over from necessary spending and your small trips to the mall.

Once you start paying off your Visa cards and decide maybe you can handle a larger home with a bit of a higher mortgage, come talk to me. I can find you a place where the commute will be less – which saves you on gas – and it’ll be the perfect dream home. I also sell vacant land so if you feel comfortable enough, you can build a dream of your own.

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