Tuesday, 25 September 2012

In The Heart of BC

Nanaimo is a city in British Columbia that features gorgeous waters and “bathtub” racing, which is an annual event. You can also get a good taste of a Nanaimo Bar and great views of the Pacific ocean. And you should see the cute homes out here! This week I am visiting BC for a conference and what better place to visit than right here in Nanaimo. Houses range from Detached to Apartments and then to small boats which are in Vancouver!

“Nanaimo is officially known as Harbour City for good reason. Stretched like a long, lean finger along the east coast of south-central Vancouver Island, British Columbia's sixth-largest city gets its identity, history and a wealth of recreation from a lovely, island-sheltered harbour right in the heart of town. Hiking, boating, kayaking, biking and world-class scuba diving and snorkeling are everyday activities at the bustling waterfront, as seaplanes take flight from sparkling blue waters.

Today, Nanaimo is a fast-growing urban centre that is no longer merely the premier gateway to Vancouver Island. A boldly revitalized downtown core, delightful harbour front walkway, sparkling new museum, affordable art galleries, and a wealth of cool shopping and dining alternatives are good reasons to park the car, find accommodations and stay awhile.”

-Tourism BC

So, if you ever want to travel within Canada or your family is trying to get you to go on a trip, take the opportunity to escape to Nanaimo or Vancouver! You won't be disappointed.


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