Monday, 17 September 2012

"Lazy" Houses on the Market

When to Know Your House is “Lazy”

Let’s face it, it’s a new century and as we come up to the end of 2012, we might all start to rethink about our choice of living space. Some questions to ask are:

Do I feel happy to come home?

Is my commute too far?

Can I afford to move?

Am I too old to be on my own?

Can I afford to keep this house now?

If you start feel excited about the idea of moving, it might be time to. These questions can help answer this gloominess that you’ve felt for so long in your home. First you have to start by searching for a new home, or a few to get an idea of where you want to go in your search. Then, you call a realtor (like myself) and start talking about all the options. You will eventually get through an easy process of finding the perfect place, when suddenly; you think “I have to sell my place now, too!” Over time, some houses don’t stay as appealing asthey were at first which means the house is “lazy”. Feelings of surprise andconcern arise when the flow of other buyers stop wanting to look at your place. Have you considered small renovations? A small action, such as painting can mean a lot to the market value and appeal. In the time that you have lived atthis home, you’ve essentially come to be a part of it. The décor and rooms have caught the fever of your personality and that can be hard to pass on to someone else. You have to make the space neutral, a place to spark ideas and to stir up an other’s imagination. Let’s face it; it is no longer your place. Being a smart seller doesn’t mean that updating your home will be cheap, but it will benefit everyone. And if you are in fact too elderly for these DIY jobs,explain this to your realtor and they will get the house on the right track. Ask and you will receive!

That’s also what I’m here for. My creativity and motivation will get us both far. Visit my Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook pages for some ideas and give me a call assoon as you can. There is always an answer for any buyer or seller. Have a great day to all!


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