Tuesday, 2 October 2012


How you present your home is how others will perceive it. When selling, you’ll have to do a bit of tinkering here and there and not just mowing the lawn or cleaning the sink. Home buyers want to know that you took good care of the home; they want to know that they can trust their decision if they buy your home. Small things like a splashy faucet or old carpet can set people off. Remember, they have a price range and if your home’s price doesn’t leave much leftover money for them to renovate, they will not be interested. Of course, doing a renovation such as tearing up the carpet can add value to your home. Carpet absorbs stains and smells much better than hardwood or tile.

If you do so choose to “update” your home after ten or twenty years of living there, your money will always get paid back in the end. The home value goes up because it is newly updated, taken care of, and it appeals to a wider range of buyers; older buyers would probably be looking for small, carpeted apartments. The money that you will get from selling your home will be like the renovations paying for themselves.

Also, as a home buyer, you should be asking all the right questions. Here are a few examples:

How old, approximately, is the home?

When was the last renovation done?

What appliances will be sold with the home?

Can we take a look at the gas meter?

Just by asking these types of questions will allow you to unravel the story of the home. You don’t want a home that floods too often, right? So ask about issues like that. However, don’t overbear the agent with these questions, the home owners may not have wanted to tell the agent about any issues. That alone plus any spotted issues that you saw during your showing, should tell you that this particular home is not for you. Unless, of course, you’d like to do a bit of work to the home or if it is too perfect of a price to pass on.

So, if you ever in the neighborhood, either wanting tips like this or you’re wanting to get more for your money on a home, just call me and we can set up an appointment as soon as possible!



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