Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Center Stage

Today, I have put together some tips for staging your home. Staging your home is a way of setting up for buyers so that your home may look more appealing. Though you may have to hide some personal things, you also want them to feel that the house has charm and potential. If you feel uncomfortable to do this yourself, I offer the services of hiring a staging consultant for your home.

First off; Dressing Up the Outdoors

-Curb appeal

Your home needs to look inviting from the side of the road; no one wants to look at an icky looking home

-Decorate the Front Porch

Small pots of flowers, a welcome mat, and an outdoor dining set should do the trick

-Keep it Seasonal

Flowers for Spring, opened pool in the Summer, gourds and pumpkins in Autumn, and Wreathes in the Winter

-Gardening and Shrubbery

Keep the gardens healthy and free of pests


Keep Your House Clean

-It has to shine!

-Organization is Key (this includes the garage)

-No one wants to walk on dirt

-void your home of any clutter, it is very unappealing

Daily cleaning instead of Weekly is essential

-Get rid of pet odours and keep the pets at a friend’s or family member’s home

-No toys should be left in plain sight, start packing them neatly some where


Add Flare To Every Room

-A Little Style Never Hurt Anyone

So long as the styling isn’t too overwhelming, it should feel welcoming to others

-Symmetry is inviting

Rearrange furniture to make the rooms feel balanced and harmonized

-Think Whimsical and Crisp!


Homes should be able to be explored by buyers, leave hallways clear and open up closets to entice the buyers



-Neutral Based

No gender based, no fancy coloured based, and no kids based spaces; everything should feel a little bit toned down, your style isn’t everyone else’s style


So, there you have it. A complete guide and list on how to present yourself by means of arranging your home. The more someone like the little hints of style that you place in your home while selling it, it is more likely that they will take care of the home as you did. Call me if you need help with staging consultation for  your home and we’ll get right on it!


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