Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ontario Renovation Program

The majority of us know that Home Ownership can be a difficult duty. The cost of living today is high and with so many responsibilities to your family and not enough hours in the day, projects around the house can fall to the bottom of the list.  Well I have a solution for you! The program below is like winning a home renovation lottery. Dufferin County has become a part of the Ontario Renovates Program. What this Program provides is financial assistance to home owners or renters to make necessary upgrades to their home to make it more livable. However, this offer doesn’t come without a catch…or at least criteria.

To enter yourself into this program, you must:

-Be eighteen or over

-(when renting) obtain permission from Landlord

-be making a gross income of $82,600 or less

The home also has to be valued at $366,655 or less and the maximum grant given is $3,500.

We all need a helping hand once in a while and this is what the ORP is here for. If it is yourself or someone you know that needs this kind of help, you can contact Juli Griffin, who is the head of Dufferin’s ORP at these contacts:

County of Dufferin

Community Services – Housing

229 Broadway, Unit 4

Orangeville, ON

Phone: (519) 941-6991, ext 2404


Remember that enrolling in the Program is confidential and you are entitled to that confidentiality. The people of ORP are here to work out an opportunity for you so go for it! This is your chance to make your house more welcoming than ever before.


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  3. Thank you for the information on the Ontario Renovation program. For homeowners, we need as much help as we can get. Every dollar helps! I'm glad the province of Ontario is recognizing that beautifying our homes makes the province more habitable too. ~Lighting Retrofits Toronto